We are currently back in the U.S.A. in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.   Just as Joseph was obliged to travel to Bethlehem with Mary, we have returned to give unto Uncle Sam what is Uncle Sam’s (i.e. pay our taxes).  But even more important than that, we look forward to spending a joyous Pascha with our beloved family.  We plan to resume our service in Guatemala by mid-May.  Although we are far away, we continue to tend to our mission by spreading the word of the rapid growth of Orthodoxy in Guatemala and collecting funds.  I am promoting the products of my fledgling sewing industry and generating orders.  Please note the following:

ANNOUNCEMENT:  On April 25, 2013, Fr. John will make a power point presentation about the Guatemalan Orthodox Church at 6:30 pm at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church in Stroudsburg, PA.  We hope that some of our Dear Readers will be able to attend.

We pray that you are experiencing a fruitful Lenten journey to a blessed and joyful Pascha, at which time we will declare…

Cristo ha resusitado!  Verdaderamente ha resusitado!



  1. Dear Presbytera,

    What a great blog and work you are doing! I stumbled across your blog and realized that you are Nick Chakos’ mother! My husband knows him from his work in Ethiopia with IOCC, and I met him through the 40s under 40 event for my work with the orphanage in India: http://www.theluckygirlsmovie.com

    I saw that you may be selling products? I would love to share them on my blog if you have prices and pictures of them!

    I am looking forward to following your work and blog here!

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