Road to EmmausFr. John and I are back in Guatemala.  Our work and technical difficulties have prevented us from posting messages on our blog and we apologize for our long hiatus.

Some of you may not be familiar with the wonderful Orthodox periodical, Road to Emmaus, which is published quarterly, under the editorship of Mother Nectaria McLees.  The entire Spring 2013 issue is devoted to the mission in Guatemala.  It includes an extensive interview with Fr. Andres Giron, the leader of the Guatemalan Orthodox Church, and Fr. John Chakos.  It also includes photos and the daily journal of graduate seminarian, Jesse Brandow, as he traveled through Orthodox Guatemala, visiting many village churches with Metropolitan Athenagoras of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean on his historic first visit to the country.  The volume concludes with a translation of the Popul Vuh, the Mayan tale of the creation, which is reminiscent of the Book of Genesis.


For those of you who might like to order this volume, or any previous interesting volumes, log on and order at:

Check into The Word From Guatemala for upcoming posts, soon to arrive!


  1. Sharon Buzi says

    Looking forward to following your mission as my son Greg will be joining you this week.
    You are all in our prayers.

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