Mother shares miracle of her daughter walking

Mother shares miracle of her daughter walking

On March 10, 2014, at the outset of our afternoon pastoral visit to the Ascension Parish of Pebilpan in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, I was approached by one of the catechists, who described a recent healing of a three year-old child attributed to the intercessions of the late Fr. Andres Giron (2/16/14). It should be noted that during our travels to a number of villages in this region, many others have testified that since his passing, Fr. Andres has appeared in their dreams, always wearing his customary white cassock. Towards the end of our visit we gathered in the sanctuary with our seven member mission team from Hellenic College/Holy Cross Seminary and the forty or so parishioners of the community. I was introduced to a young mother, her three year-old daughter and the child’s grandmother. They were all part of the mother’s dream in which
Fr. Andres appeared. As she spoke, I translated her dream into English. (A youtube video of the interview will follow soon). The mother began by saying that her daughter did not have the strength to walk for most of her three years of life. One night as the mother slept, Fr. Andres appeared to her in the aunt’s house, sitting in a chair, and he said to her: “Love one another and forgive one another. If you do this, I will give you help and support.” After saying this, he disappeared in the dream. In his place the child’s grandmother appeared, saying: “Ask Fr. Andres to help your daughter.” In the dream the distraught mother began to pray to Fr. Andres to help her daughter. At that moment, they said to the little girl, “come, come,” and she began walking. The next day, the mother went to the church with a photo of Fr. Andres in her hand. She was very sad because of her daughter’s infirmity. So she started praying to Fr. Andres in church, saying, “help my daughter because you are close to God.” Returning home around two in the afternoon, she saw that her daughter was walking. As an expression of thanksgiving as is the custom, she passed out avocados to everyone that same day. After hearing the woman’s testimony, we remained in the church singing songs of praise to God. The people of Pebilpan did not want us to go. We left their community that day with the distinct feeling that although their beloved leader was no longer physically in their midst, he was still very much with them in spirit.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Fr. John! It’ll be wonderful to see the youtube video whenever you post it.

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