Blessing of Palm Crosses after the Liturgy

The woman express their joy.

Small entrance during Liturgy.


The children, as is fitting, are first.

Palm Sunday was a new and very moving experience for me among the Mayan faithful. Of course, the church was packed as usual, but they raise the celebration to a new level with their love of processions and the enormous sizes of the palm crosses, which they wave joyously to the accompaniment of their music.

The faithful led by the clergy process through the village.

Hundreds processed with us through the whole village singing the festal hymn as we followed the large icon of Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It reminded me of the joy of the first Palm Sunday, especially that expressed by the children of which there are so many in Aguacate. And even when the Liturgy and procession was over, everyone returned to the church to continue expressing their joy in song. Their sense of anticipation for the remainder of Holy Week was very palpable, even though the Orthodox rituals were unknown to them until recently. The passion of Christ, in whatever form it is reenacted, has a universal appeal. Today, on Palm Sunday, it came alive, as though Christ Himself had just entered their village.This is truly a fertile field for the church, and yet another indication that Orthodoxy can establish firm roots in other cultures and countries.

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