The Word from Guatemala is JOY!

We are overjoyed as thousands of Mayan people enter the Orthodox faith. Follow us as we guide them in this transition and help us through your prayers and support.
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Meeting with parish members

  Up until the late fifties, the sparsely populated jungle area of Ixcan in western Guatemala was thought to be worthless by the government. In an effort to populate the region for the benefit of the indigenous tribes, a program of land reform was initiated. Taking advantage of this opportunity, a Maryknoll priest- Father William […]


Nurse Sarah and Doctors Todd and Alexis on mission of mercy

Life goes on in chilly, cloudy Aguacate! If you have ever flown on a plane through the clouds, you will have an idea what it’s like outside of our windows in Aguacate. The village is so high up in the mountains, that clouds usually sit on it. Clouds, being comprised of water vapor, make everything […]


His Eminence, Metropolitan Athenagoras, stands in the pharmacy of the Aguacate Clinic

On November 8, Archbishop Athenagoras arrived in Aguacate, Guatemala to bless the newly completed Father Andres Giron medical/dental clinic, his gift to the long-suffering Mayan people of that region. Why is this outreach so important to them? Why were the faithful so happy to receive this blessing? With half of its population below the poverty […]

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