The Word from Guatemala is JOY!

We are overjoyed as thousands of Mayan people enter the Orthodox faith. Follow us as we guide them in this transition and help us through your prayers and support.
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During a recent trip to the Guatemalan village of Aguacate, I had the opportunity to reflect more fully on the worship services. The people seemed to be more engaged and connected to God with their prayers. The levels of enthusiasm were high, as reflected in the full participation of the faithful. They are not afraid […]


As we approach the solemn anniversary of 9/11, indelible images of that fateful day flash across our minds. We recall with searing clarity the exact time of our whereabouts as the two projectile planes thrust themselves mercilessly into the glass and steel sides of the twin towers. Lost in the toxic smoke, ashes and twisted […]


Led by their charismatic leader in Guatemala- the late Father Andres Giron (2014), the Mayan people found a champion to vigorously address their spiritual and material needs. The social movement began with his advocacy for land reform and their repatriation to lands forcibly taken from them. No longer having a spiritual home because of many […]

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