The Word from Guatemala is JOY!

We are overjoyed as thousands of Mayan people enter the Orthodox faith. Follow us as we guide them in this transition and help us through your prayers and support.
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“WHAT KIND OF HOUSE WILL YOU BUILD FOR ME? says the Lord” (Isaiah66:1). In the prophetic book of Isaiah, we are reminded by the Lord that “Heaven is My throne, and earth is the footstool of My feet” (Isaiah 66:1). As such, every place made by His hands can serve as His habitation or resting […]


Excitement is growing in Guatemala and Chiapas, Mexico, as the Orthodox Church carries out the vision of Archbishop Athenagoras of Mexico to take the Gospel message into all of Central America and beyond. The thousands of Mayans who have already made Orthodoxy their spiritual home are looking to the future, so that the Church’s many […]


During a recent trip to the Guatemalan village of Aguacate, I had the opportunity to reflect more fully on the worship services. The people seemed to be more engaged and connected to God with their prayers. The levels of enthusiasm were high, as reflected in the full participation of the faithful. They are not afraid […]

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