The Word from Guatemala is JOY!

We are overjoyed as thousands of Mayan people enter the Orthodox faith. Follow us as we guide them in this transition and help us through your prayers and support.
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The Midwives of Aguacate and OWOC project director Robert Kirschner

As we approach the glorious celebration of our Lord’s Nativity in the cave of Bethlehem, the thought occurred to me that there might have been a midwife present to assist with the delivery of Jesus. Although the Holy Scriptures remain silent about this, the Orthodox Church’s iconographic depiction of His birth does not. Shown on […]


Village men mix cement by hand

The old African proverb that “it takes a village to raise a child” could also refer to other communal endeavors such as building a clinic. We found this to be the case in Aguacate, Guatemala, after a recent visit (Nov. 16th) to see for ourselves how the project was progressing after three months. To our […]


Archimandrite Mihail presides over blessing service

As I follow the tragic news of the Ebola crisis in West Africa, and now in the United States, I cannot help but wonder what would happen if such an outbreak occurred in Guatemala. The effects of such an epidemic would be overwhelming and calamitous, to say the least. Healthcare, such as it is, for […]

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