The Word from Guatemala is JOY!

We are overjoyed as thousands of Mayan people enter the Orthodox faith. Follow us as we guide them in this transition and help us through your prayers and support.
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Learning to brush the right way

    While construction for the medical/dental clinic in the Mayan village of Aguacate was underway, a dental team headed by Dr. Willie Manteris, and including his daughter Nikki and Robert Kirschner arrived on August 10th. Their plan was to offer fluoride treatment, dental screening and treatment of the most serious types of conditions. Dr. […]

Guatemalan Update: The…

Work begins on the clinic

After the loss of its dynamic and visionary leader- Fr. Andres Giron- the Guatemalan clergy and faithful entered into a difficult period of mourning and readjustment. In every parish that we visited, there was sadness, but no loss of hope. On the contrary, a strong desire to continue the work of Fr. Andres was very […]


Presbytera Alexandra arrives  at her job site and home for the next 40 days

Poli Na Safari “Poli na safari” is a Swahili phrase meaning, I’m sorry for your travel. It is intended to show sympathy for the hardship one often faces while negotiating the difficult African terrain. Having traveled those rocky, pitted, unpaved roads, I understand the need for such a phrase. While Guatemala is a bit more […]

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