Flower Power

Flower Power- Alexandra Chakos The ability of flowers to enhance our lives and touch our hearts has been acknowledged and celebrated since the earliest of times. Indeed, God has filled our world with such a myriad of flower colors, shapes, sizes, and aromas as to dazzle our minds. Flowers proclaim … [Read more...]


Life goes on in chilly, cloudy Aguacate! If you have ever flown on a plane through the clouds, you will have an idea what it's like outside of our windows in Aguacate. The village is so high up in the mountains, that clouds usually sit on it. Clouds, being comprised of water vapor, make everything … [Read more...]

POLI NA SAFARI by Alexandra Chakos

Poli Na Safari "Poli na safari" is a Swahili phrase meaning, I'm sorry for your travel. It is intended to show sympathy for the hardship one often faces while negotiating the difficult African terrain. Having traveled those rocky, pitted, unpaved roads, I understand the need for such a phrase. … [Read more...]

Way Up High

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, There's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby. In the memorable words of song lyricist, Yip Harburg (music by Harold Arlen), Fr. John and I find ourselves living "over the rainbow."  The location of our Guatemalan seminary and sewing center is … [Read more...]


Fr. John and I are back in Guatemala.  Our work and technical difficulties have prevented us from posting messages on our blog and we apologize for our long hiatus. Some of you may not be familiar with the wonderful Orthodox periodical, Road to Emmaus, which is published quarterly, under the … [Read more...]


At the risk of appearing sinfully proud, I would like to inform you, Dear Readers, that I have achieved the status of "Impressive" here in Nueva Concepcion.  This took a little longer in Guatemala than it did during my missionary tenure in Africa. In Bukoba, Tanzania, where Fr. John and I spent 6 … [Read more...]

Clothing the Male Anatomy

While my husband, Fr. John, expends his energy raising the spiritual and theological stature of the priests here in Guatemala, it has become my destiny, as an ecclesiastical seamstress, to be concerned with their physical attributes. My students and I have measured the length and girth of every … [Read more...]

Guatemala Bound

It's not easy to say goodbye to 11 adorable grandchildren, knowing that they will have grown and changed in so many ways before we see them again.  It's not easy to be far away from our 4 children and their partners who are also our closest allies.    A long separation from family, friends, and the … [Read more...]


Misfortune/Miracle by Alexandra Chakos In the dictionary, the words misfortune and miracle, by virtue of their spelling, are not very far apart. Is it possible that, even in reality, a misfortune and a miracle can be closely linked events? I proffer that in some cases, they can be one and the … [Read more...]