Flower Power

Flower Power- Alexandra Chakos The ability of flowers to enhance our lives and touch our hearts has been acknowledged and celebrated since the earliest of times. Indeed, God has filled our world with such a myriad of flower colors, shapes, sizes, and aromas as to dazzle our minds. Flowers proclaim … [Read more...]

Guatemalan Update: The Church Mourns, but not without Hope

After the loss of its dynamic and visionary leader- Fr. Andres Giron- the Guatemalan clergy and faithful entered into a difficult period of mourning and readjustment. In every parish that we visited, there was sadness, but no loss of hope. On the contrary, a strong desire to continue the work of Fr. … [Read more...]

POLI NA SAFARI by Alexandra Chakos

Poli Na Safari "Poli na safari" is a Swahili phrase meaning, I'm sorry for your travel. It is intended to show sympathy for the hardship one often faces while negotiating the difficult African terrain. Having traveled those rocky, pitted, unpaved roads, I understand the need for such a phrase. … [Read more...]

Way Up High

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, There's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby. In the memorable words of song lyricist, Yip Harburg (music by Harold Arlen), Fr. John and I find ourselves living "over the rainbow."  The location of our Guatemalan seminary and sewing center is … [Read more...]